He is a South American disc jockey,

enthusiastic expert and great collector

of Latin-American music.

In youth he gets in contact with the classical musical sphere through

the conservatory studies and years later he meets

the suggestive Afro-Caribbean sonorities present in Yambù, in Son Montuno, in Mambo, in Cha-Cha-Cha, in Bolero, in Guajira,

in Guaguancó as well as in the most various aspects of Salsa.

Arrived in Europe, he expatiates further

his musical interests through the knowledge of the extraordinary compositions of the "classic salsa" and towards the discovery

of the most brilliant and modern Latin-American

genres as Bachata, Latin Hip Hop

and Reggaeton.




He is a successful and

eclectic Italian DJ for Latin American

music as well as a dancing-master of

Caribbean dances graduated A.N.M.B.

He starts his musical career in 2000 as dancing-master; years later, he decides to take up the career of DJ in 2004 being enchanted by the sequences and the notes arousing from the Afro-Caribbean musical genres: in this way he fulfilled his aim in sharing his big passion and growing musical interest with those music-loving and experts of ardent rhythms as presented in Cha-Cha-Cha, Mambo, Guaguancó, Guajira, Salsa, Timba, Merengue, Bachata and Kizomba.

Nowadays the suggestive and innovative

collections following the nights of DJ Max Mi Vida make him one of the most applauded DJ of Latin American music as well as DJ resident of some of the most famous and popular Como's discos.

The Latin Legends & Our favourite pieces

Dj Max Mi Vida

Dj Cruss

Arsenio Rodriguez.

Linda Cubana (1966).

Bebo Valdés.

Anda (1994).

Belisario Lopez.

Tu No Estas En Na’ (1962 - 1963).

Israel “Cachao” Lopez.

Descarga Cubana (1957).

Cal Tjader.

Mambo Inn (1955).

Charles Fox.

Blue Pachanga (1974).

Charlie Palmieri.

Cellar Dwellers (1966).

Eddie Palmieri.

Bailaré Tu Son (1962).

Felix “Pupi” Legarreta.

El Niche (1980).

Francisco Aguabella.

Shirley’s Guaguancó - with B.V. (1962).

George Shearing.

Mambo No.2 (1958).

Hector Rivera.

Amalia Los Invita (1971).

Johnny Colón.

Merecumbé (1972).

Johnny Pacheco.

El Piñazo (1962).

Joe Cuba.

La Palomilla (1965).

Joe Quijano.

En Puerta De Tierra (1960).

Celia Cruz.

Sun Sun Babae (1964).

Beny Moré.

Yiri Yiri Bon - ft.P.P. (1946).

Bobby Cruz.

El Mulato - ft.R.R. (1964).

Carlos Embale.

Consuelate Como Yo (1955).

Chamaco Ramirez.

Tremendo Guaguancó - ft.T.O. (1966).

Cheo Feliciano.

El Ratón - ft.J.C.S. (1963).

Chivirico Davila.

Siete Potencias (1971).

Hector Lavoe.

Todo Tiene Su Final - ft.W.C. (1973).

Ismael Rivera.

La Soledad (1967).

Joe Arroyo.

Por Ti No Moriré (1988).

Johnny Ventura.

Guajira Con Soul (1968).

Oscar D’León.

Sun Sun Babae - ft.D.L. (1979).

Roberto Faz.

Mambo Infierno - ft.C.C. (1952).

Rubén Blades.

Patria (1988).

Tito Rodriguez.

Se Va El Manguero (1968).

Vitin Aviles.

Papá Bocó - ft.N.M. (1961).

José Curbelo.

La - La - La (1952 - 1953).

Louie Ramirez.

Echale Grasa (1965).


Cuban Fantasy (1961).

Mongo Santamaria.

Mayeya - with CH.P. (1987).

Noro Morales.

Saona (1959).

Orlando Marín.

La Lengua (1960).

Pérez Prado.

Sway - with R.C. (1959).

Pete Terrace.

PlayBoy (1957).

Ray Barretto.

Esa Es La Del Solar (1965).

Ray Pérez.

Moliendo Café (1972).

Richie Ray.

Guaguancó In Jazz (1966).

Roberto Roena.

Marejada Feliz (1977).

Tito Puente.

Hong Kong Mambo (1958).

Willie Colón.

Camino Al Barrio (1977).

Willie Rosario.

Afro Cha (1967).

Xavier Cugat.

Rumba Rumbero - with M.V. (1940).


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[Bolero - Maurice Ravel (1928)]